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ENV 420 Wk 1 — Risk Assessment: History & Framework

The purpose of this assignment is to become familiar with the historical developments related to risk assessment, as well as the risk assessment framework.

ENV 420 Wk 3 — Occupational Risk

This assignment presents two different options to complete an occupational risk assessment. As part of the assignment, you also differentiate the application of risk assessment in occupational and non-occupational environments.

ENV 420 Wk 4 — Analyzing Ecological Systems

This assignment affords the opportunity to analyze ecological systems and presents two options to complete the assignment. Option 1 covers two case studies related to an ecology and wildlife risk, and Option 2 covers the Gulf Oil Spill case study.

ENV 420 Wk 5 Team — Environmental Risk Assessment

In this assignment, teams research a local environmental issue of choice, present a cost-benefit analysis related to the issue, and suggest a course of action based on an environmental risk assessment of the selected environmental issue. Teams have two options to present their findings; Option 1 is to write a paper, and Option 2 is to create a podcast.



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