ECH 430 ECH430 ech 430 Best Tutorials Guide —

ECH 430 Wk 1 — Signature Assignment: Lesson Analysis

Helping young children learn about themselves, each other, and the concept of community, as well as gaining social skills and understanding, requires the knowledge of social studies content and a solid grasp of child development. In this assignment, you will explore the standards, theoretical perspectives, and developmental considerations for early childhood social studies education.

ECH 430 Wk 2 — Lesson Plan Accommodation Summary

Most early childhood education learning environments are designed to meet the needs of many children with or without special needs. In many cases, children with special needs will benefit from simple accommodations and modifications, and as the teacher, it is your responsibility to know which accommodations to provide.

ECH 430 Wk 2 Team — Culturally Responsive Teaching Presentation and Plan

The term culturally responsive instruction has been used for a couple of decades but is getting more attention in recent years. With our classrooms growing more and more diverse every year, teachers are interested in how they can best teach students from different backgrounds. For this assignment, you will work with your learning team to research and collect information for the best practices related to culturally responsive instruction and classroom environments.

ECH 430 Wk 3 — Integrating Social Studies Activities

There is a substantial amount of content that a teacher is expected to teach in several academic subject areas each year. All too often, social studies education may not make the cut for what is most important to teach. For this reason, many educators are integrating social studies concepts into other content areas with great success. In this assignment, you will practice integrating social studies concepts into the instruction of other content areas.

ECH 430 Wk 3 — Games and Apps in Early Childhood Instruction Presentation

Early social studies learning involves young children gaining an understanding of different communities and cultures, as well as learning the basics of geography. Young children can learn about other cultures via a video game or develop a better sense of place by zooming in or out on an interactive map app. The important consideration in using games and apps in early childhood education is that they be developmentally appropriate for the child using them.

ECH 430 Wk 4 — Signature Assignment: Integrated Global Awareness Lesson and Reflection

Designing an integrated lesson may feel overwhelming as it incorporates different subject areas that complement each other in one unit of study. For this reason, it is important to find the right connections between the subject areas so you can effectively address multiple standards in the lessons and incorporate related resources. To practice this important skill, you will complete this two-part assignment in which you create an integrated lesson that develops children’s awareness of a global community.

ECH 430 Wk 5 — Signature Assignment: Classroom Geography Fair and Website

Providing opportunities and strategies for families to be involved in their child’s education is an important aspect of being an early childhood educator. Engaging and empowering families to participate in the education process promotes student learning and achievement and can be accomplished in creative ways. For this assignment, you will combine a project-based learning experience with a classroom geography fair to promote student learning in early childhood social studies education.



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